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South Wales based branding and website design consultancy, Creative Services, has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes redefine their brand image, online and offline, since 1989.

For over 30 years, we have been helping our customers realise their ambitions. Through improved logo design, clear messaging and a strong consistent brand design presence across both web design and design for print, they have been able to attract larger, more profitable customers.

If you are using different designers for your logo design, literature design and online design services… Let's talk!

our experience is your guarantee

In this digital age, your brand has to work hard to stand out from all the clutter and noise bombarding our senses.

As South Wales' longest established branding consultancy, Creative Services has been helping businesses like yours, stand out from the opposition for 30 years, creating successful brands and logo designs for hundreds of customers.

We have a reputation for providing effective design solutions, that won't break the bank, and a co-ordinated marketing approach, ensuring consistency across digital such as WordPress website design and traditional media, such as brochure, catalogue and leaflet design.

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why does this matter?

Consistently branded marketing materials ensures a clear brand message, and continuity of design forms a visual recognition, ensuring people associate the marketing piece with your business. 

Businesses such as Coco-cola, Apple and McDonalds do this particularly well. This doesn't mean it's only for the ‘big multi-nationals’, we can all take a leaf out of their books to ensure our marketing collateral says all the right things about our business.

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tailored to your needs, and your budget

Creative Services has been at the forefront of design and marketing in South Wales for 30 years.  We know that business' ability to pay for professional design services differ significantly. We also know that money spent in the right place can reap greater returns than others.   Whether you are looking for a starter website, or a simple mail shot, we can devise an effective means of marketing on a budget. Speak to us today to learn what we can do for you.

discounted design rates...

We are pleased to offer discounted design rates for new start-ups, charities and companies with a high demand for design work, called creativeblocs.

Business start-ups and charities receive a 25% discount on our services. Furthermore, we will tailor our services to suit your budgets.

creativeblocs allow companies with frequent design needs to buy blocks of time every month at discounted rates.

creativeblocs discounted design rates (excluding VAT)
1 day per month
£40 per hour (£280 per DAY)
Only £280 per month
2 days per month
£38 per hour (£266 per DAY)
Only £532 per month
3 days per month
£36 per hour (£252 per DAY)
Only £756 per month
4 days per month
£34 per hour (£238 per DAY)
Only £952 per month
5 days per month
£32 per hour (£224 per DAY)
Only £1120 per month

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