30 years not out!

As I approach 30 years in business, I reflect on the industry that was, and the industry as it stands today.

Most notably, the biggest change has to be how the working environment changed from a technical, often laborious job, with Magic Marker mock-ups, typesetting, Letraset lettering, PMT cameras, Rotring (rOtring) pens, (which would be forever clogging up), paste-up artwork on oversized drawing boards, and not forgetting, the constant smell of lighter fluid, (used to clean artwork –  yes, health & safety would have had a field day!).

Design today, ‘benefits’ (if that’s the right word), by an abundance of technology, allowing us to create near perfect representations in real time, which can be printed as a pre-production mock-up, and presented to the customer, or emailed in an instant… All in a fraction of the time it would have taken ‘back in the day’.

Then, just as we felt we had mastered the ever evolving DTP software, the internet revolution hit us square in the face. Early adopters relied very much on programmers, who created, quite frankly, awful websites with little or no design flair. Thankfully today, the web has caught up with designers’ wishes to design something we could be proud of – except now, our sites not only have to work on our desktop computers as before, they now have to work on a multitude of hand-held devices too.

And then, we remember those who were left by the way-side, as many pre-print industries became obsolete overnight. I’m talking about cycle couriers, type-setters, scanning companies, reprographics companies and those who found the transition from being an art-worker to a designer beyond their scope.

Today, I am grateful for all the industry has taught me, and the self-improvement journey I have had to undertake to stay ahead of the curve. Having been privileged to have been taught ‘old-school’, understanding the fundamentals of design and evolving my skills with each advance in technology, I am today, still designing creative logo designs, and implementing any corporate style to brochures and websites alike, all on-brand. And loving it! It makes all the difference. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio.

I can’t think of another industry that has been so adversely affected by technology – although I’m sure they must exist. How has your industry changed over the years?

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