Is your logo design pulling its weight?

What makes a ‘good’ logo design ‘great’ ?

As a newbie graphic designer learning my trade, I remember my boss at the time teaching me about the ‘Seven Commandments of Logo Design’. I had never been taught these at art school, so I’m guessing this is more about ‘good practice’, than what’s on the curriculum as such. But 30 years on, my boss’ words still ring true. It’s a mantra I too have transferred to designers I have trained.

Design is very subjective, one person’s masterpiece is another person’s débâcle. Less subjective though are these rules, follow them, and you have a well considered logo design, that communicates your business, and talks to your target audience. Ignore them and have an ill-conceived, half-baked idea, which confuses your target audience.

A great logo design should be:


Does the logo reflect what your business does? Does it appeal to the target audience?


Within similar markets, logos can look very similar, (for example, veterinary practices). Although the imagery might be relevant to the industry, the logos all look very ‘samey’. Good design can use similar imagery, but take it a stage further, to make it uniquely recognisable.


Does the logo connect with the viewer, embedding itself in the viewers subconscious mind.


Colours and fonts are crucial choices when trying to create the correct feel


This is one is so often overlooked, and is in my view, the cardinal sin… Will the logo work in greyscale, mono, AND at smaller sizes?


One of the most common mistakes by ‘have-a-go’ designers – choosing fonts that are distinctive for all the wrong reasons.


Does the logo stand out in a crowded market place? It is possible for a logo to stand out for all the wrong reasons.



The proof of the pudding, they say, is in the eating… Above, you will see a branding project we completed for B-Fit Health & Fitness, a fitness centre in Haverfordwest. We are delighted with the result, as is the customer, and their business is booming…

If you feel your logo doesn’t reflect the credibility of your business, or is illegible when used at smaller sizes, call Creative Services on 029 2115 0013, or complete the form below. We will be happy to evaluate what you have, and establish how minor tweaks, and a little lateral thinking, can make your identity better.

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