creativeblocs – low cost logo and website design

Who can use creativeblocs low cost design fees?

creativeblocs are suitable for any type of business, (or groups of businesses), with a regular graphic design requirement. Such as:

Manufacturing companies with a large number of products;

Growing businesses, needing to update branding, and associated marketing collateral;

Print Companies wanting a flexible alternative to production of their customers’ design work, (without the responsibilities of employing staff);

Professional Services Consultants, such as Marketing and Business Consultants with numerous clients;

or even Accountancy Practices. These are just a few that come to mind…

creativeblocs - FAQs

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

creativeblocs has a minimum contract period of 6 months, after which point, the service will roll-on month by month, until you decide to discontinue the service. You are welcome to return to creativeblocs at any time when your needs dictate.

How will I know how many hours are left each month?

You will receive a log-in portal which will give you an accurate assessment of the time remaining in your plan for that month.

Can I carry over unused hours, from one month to the next?

In short no, the plan is intended for organisations with regular design needs, and the pricing structure reflects this. It is better to under estimate your requirements, i.e. sign-up for one day a month and get billed the additional hours at the reduced rate, should the need arise, rather than to risk losing unused hours.

What if I need more hours?

If you find that one month you exceed your allocated hours, Creative Services can either carry over the used hours in to the next month, or can invoice you for the additional hours, leaving the full quota of hours still intact for the next month. You are able to step up to the next level at any point in the contracted period should you be regularly exceeding your allocated hours.

How are creativeblocs payments collected?

Payments are paid monthly in advance by standing order. The payment date will fall on the first day of your contracted period. After the initial contract period of six months, your will enter a rolling monthly payment. You can cancel your agreement at anytime after the 6 month period, by giving one month notice.

What can the creativeblocs be used for?

creativeblocs can literally be used for anything you would expect a designer to do for you. Whether it be for conceptual work, or for updates to existing items, such as business literature and web sites, through to exhibition graphics and presentation slides. creativeblocs cover time only, and do not include purchases associated to that piece of work.

What can't creativeblocs be used for?

With creativeblocs, you are buying bite-sized chunks of time, specific to your needs. External purchases, such as photography, illustration and print, are not included within your plan, and will be quoted and charged for separately. VAT is chargeable on all creativeblocs purchases.

How do I get my creativeblocs?

Simply contact us by email using the form at the bottom of the page, or by telephone on 029 2115 0013. We will be happy to assess your needs if you are unsure, and send you out the relevant paper work to start to take advantage of your lower design rates.