Marketing on a budget

(S)marketing, the smarter way to gain new customers.

I have never been a fan of playing the ‘numbers game’ when it comes to marketing. With budgets becoming ever tighter, and return on investment becoming even more critical, being smart with your marketing is more important than ever. In order to promote your business or service, you need to answer their specific needs and requirements, visually as well as with content.

In order to create the right message for your market, you need first to research your market. Understand their needs and why THEY would want to buy from you. Avoid the broad-brush approach, by trying to target everyone, you aren’t actually targeting anyone, so be specific. Download our FREE briefing guide to give a step by step approach to getting your business ready for marketing.

If you want to produce a direct mail campaign, consider digital marketing. Modern digital print is hardly distinguishable from traditional litho printing, but has two very big advantages. 1) Print volume, you can print as little as one copy. 2) Variable data. You can personalise not only the recipient’s name, but also the company name too. Include additional personalised information to attract the reader further, even consider changing images.

Structure your information to hit home hard and fast. Don’t spend valuable time introducing the company – the reader, (at this point), really doesn’t care. Through your research you will have identified the need, and presumably you will have a solution to that need, (that’s why you’re contacting them). Keep the information brief and to the point, sell the ‘sizzle, not the sausage’. Then, and only then, tell them why you are the obvious choice… trustworthy, professional, experienced. Finally, always, always, always… have a call to action, so THEY know what to do next. And follow-up… Just because they don’t call, don’t assume they aren’t interested.

Sounds expensive? Actually no – it’s very affordable. For more information, call Creative Services on 029 2115 0013, or contact us through the form below.

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