When is the right time to rebrand?

In this blog, I will explore the reasons for rebranding your business, and when you should do it. Your corporate identity is often the first point of contact customers will have with your business… It needs to leave a positive impression.

Rebranding as a business matures

Businesses often have inadequate budgets to assign to brand development in the early days. Although, I always recommend spending as much money as you can afford to your logo design, many business owners will put their focus elsewhere, often producing logo designs themselves. When you start with a professionally produced logo design, developing the brand in future years is an evolutionary process, rather than revolutionary, ensuring a smoother, less confusing transition for your customers and prospects.

Rebranding for business growth

As your business grows, your target audience will change too. What worked before, probably won’t work so well with these larger businesses, who will have different priorities when choosing their suppliers.

Rebranding – brand evolution

You should evaluate the effectiveness of your business brand identity every 5 years. As with fashion, design trends change – does your brand still reflect a forward thinking business, or one trading in yester-year?

If you invested in your brand identity in the early years, the rebranding process will usually be a minor updates.

Rebranding for changing businesses

Businesses evolve over the years. If there have been significant changes in the services offered, or in the management structure of a business, consider whether the current brand identity reflects the direction and aspirations of the businesses, if it’s not, it’s time to rebrand.

Over the last 30 years, Creative Services have helped over 1000 businesses brand, and rebrand effectively. Some examples of recent projects can be seen on our recent work page. If you would like an informal conversation about your branding concerns, why not get in touch for a completely free evaluation.


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