Marketing through a Recession

Marketing through a recession

The coming months and years are going to be challenging for British businesses. Leaving the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of BREXIT behind us, one thing we all know for sure, is things ARE going to change. Forward thinking businesses will be planning for this change now, strategising their marketing plans…

Time to batten down the hatches?

In ever decreasing markets, your market-share needs to increase just to stand still. Marketing through a recession doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise – the most important thing is to use your budget wisely, plan ahead, and to come out fighting.

Generate new contacts?

However logical this might appear – you’re actually more likely to get quicker results by establishing communications with your existing customers. You are tried and tested to them, and they like you, (if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be doing business with you). Don’t assume they know all the services you offer…

Get testimonials

Testimonials add a huge amount of marketing kudos to your business. Someone else raving about your services is so much more credible than you doing so. Use them in any publicity material including on your website.

Know your customers

In addition to your customers knowing about ALL the services YOU offer, you need to know what type of businesses you are attracting too. Take a look at your customer-base, do you have a number of customers in one market-sector, i.e. accountants? If so, target other customers like these. Produce a mail-shot targeted specifically to this industry, and get it printed digitally, (so you can have a short print-run), or if you really want to impress, personalise it with their specific details. (See article “Printing: Digital vs Litho“).

Why should people buy from you?

This is an area where people often go wrong. If you are trying to attract a new customer, you need to give a clear reason why they should buy from you. It could be price, turnaround, experience etc… Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what YOU would want from a company offering your services.

ALWAYS follow-up…

If you send out a mailshot and don’t follow it up, you are throwing good money down the drain. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS follow up a mailing within a couple of days of it being sent. Don’t assume people aren’t interested just because they haven’t called you.

If the coming months and years still feel you with dread, call Creative Services today, on 029 2115 0013, or complete the form below, you’ll be surprised how little targeted marketing costs.

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