Vector files vs Bitmap files

What are Vector files, and why should we use them?

Bitmap files, (such as jpeg and tiff files), are made up of tiny squares, called pixels. These squares increase in size as an image is enlarged, resulting in pixelation. Vector files are made up of editable paths, allowing scaling, with no loss of quality.

At Creative Services, we develop our logos as scaleable vector files. We supply these to you as standard, as well as bitmap files for digital use.

As an added advantage, a vector file also has a transparent background, allowing your designer to place your logo directly over a background image, or colour.

When going through a branding exercise, be sure to ask whether the logo masters are supplied as part of the package fee, and whether vector versions of the logo are included.

If you would like to discuss any forthcoming design project, please don’t hesitate to make contact. You can use the form below, or call 029 2115 0013.

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