Logo design vs Brand Identity

Your logo design is not your brand

To suggest, ‘your logo is your brand’, would be to suggest, ‘your nose is your face’ – Quite clearly, this isn’t the case. Your face is unique to you, because of the way all the elements work together… Your brand works in exactly the same way.

The eyes, represent the plethora of printed and digital marketing collateral, (such as brochures, advertising and your website). The mouth represents what others are saying about your business, for example, word-of-mouth and the media, (social and traditional), and finally, the ears, representing what YOU want people to hear, for example, such as PR activities.

If handled externally, and by separate companies, these areas can become very confused, leaving your potential customers confused and less able to buy from you.

Creative Services has been helping companies get their branding right for nearly 30 years, During those 30 years, we have helped companies of all shapes and sizes, in just about every market sector you can imagine. Using tried and trusted partners, to ensure you receive the very best advice, we are able to refer specialist skills, such as PR and marketing.

If you feel your brand profile is more Picasso, than Da Vinci, call in the experts. We will be happy to give your business the vision it needs, and the tools to bring a smile back to your face. Call Creative Services today, on 029 2115 0013, or complete the form below, and we’ll get straight back to you.

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